Outdoor Madrid – Mountain Biking

If you’re going to Madrid, you probably want a chilled out holiday. Nothing too hot, but enough sun to make it feel like summer.

When I first thought about going to Madrid, I thought I was going to sit in the sun and drink sangaria! How wrong I was!

Other than the usual Real Madrid FC and Royal Palace, Madrid isn’t really a city with a lot of sights. Instead, Madrid offers nightlife and a relaxing atmosphere. Though one thing which surprised me was how Mountain Biking friendly this place is!


To the west of the Royal Palace is a strip along the river called Madrid Rio. It’s a landscaped area with large pavement shared between pedestrians and cyclists. This is where you can enter the Juan Carlos park which has many beautiful tracks for walking and cycling.

You can also get access to the Park via the Cable Car “Teleférico de Madrid”. It’s about 5EUR for a return ticket.

If you’re looking to rent a bike, I’d recommend going to MTBMadrid which is opposite the Athletico Madrid statium. There are others, such as Otero bikes, but they don’t open on Sundays!

Hiring a MTB for the whole day will cost around 25EUR, for half a day around 16EUR. The shop doesn’t close till 9pm or so, which means you can explore Madrid once you’re done with the Park.

There’s just so much to do! Here’s one of the routes I did:



So if you’re looking for something outdoorsy to do, go grab a bike and explore Madrid and it’s parks.

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