Tascam DM24 Repair

A few days ago I was able to purchase a DM24 for cheap off the internet. The problem was that 4 of the faders weren’t working. This post is just a list of… Continue reading

Mechwarrior 4 Mercenaries Issues

Over Christmas I had the chance to relive all the Christmas presents I received from long ago. Anyway, I wanted to play some MW4 Mercenaries. When I loaded it up however, it seemed… Continue reading

Fimmvörðuháls pass from Skógar to Thorsmork

This post it to give a review of the walk and also provide some tips for travelers thinking about doing this. I did this walk with Lucy (who took some convincing at first)… Continue reading

Orange Pi – Remote Access via Linux

In the past I did tutorial: Raspberry Pi Synth – Remote Access https://adriangin.wordpress.com/2014/08/04/raspberry-pi-synth-remote-access-static-ip-part-2/ This was aimed at getting GUI access via a Windows PC. In this post I will tell you how to… Continue reading

Orange Pi – Review

Hello all! I recently purchased an Orange Pi Zero 256MB with the intention of using it as a USB Host for some music equipment. In the end I feel like it’s yet another… Continue reading

Casio PX410R MIDI Out Hack

Hello and Merry Christmas to everyone! Having been playing with my Roland Integra 7, I decided that having a keyboard which could interface with it would be troublesome as I don’t have an… Continue reading

Roland Integra 7 Hardware Review

Some of you may have read about this four year old sound module. I decided to purchase this unit off eBay (girlfriend describes it as an old DVD player) because it was advertised… Continue reading

Fixing Weird Webcam issues

I was about to do a video Skype session with some people, but before that I checked the video settings and noticed that my face was all purple and werid coloured! It’s like… Continue reading

Fixing Roland JX-305

27/03/2016 UPDATE I took apart my JX305 to replace the buttons (http://www.aliexpress.com/item/100PCS-2-pins-6-6-5-mm-Switch-Tactile-Push-Button-Switches-6x6x5mm-30624/32322935413.html) as the old ones were a bit non responsive. These new ones are incredibly tactile and are quite stiff, but are… Continue reading

French Riviera Review – Dec/Jan

Nice Over the Christmas, New Year period I traveled to Nice with my brother Andrew. It’s not often I write a review about a city, but what is so special about the 5th… Continue reading