Orange Pi – Remote Access via Linux

In the past I did tutorial: Raspberry Pi Synth – Remote Access This was aimed at getting GUI access via a Windows PC. In this post I will tell you how to… Continue reading

Orange Pi – Review

Hello all! I recently purchased an Orange Pi Zero 256MB with the intention of using it as a USB Host for some music equipment. In the end I feel like it’s yet another… Continue reading

Casio PX410R MIDI Out Hack

Hello and Merry Christmas to everyone! Having been playing with my Roland Integra 7, I decided that having a keyboard which could interface with it would be troublesome as I don’t have an… Continue reading

Roland Integra 7 Hardware Review

Some of you may have read about this four year old sound module. I decided to purchase this unit off eBay (girlfriend describes it as an old DVD player) because it was advertised… Continue reading

Fixing Weird Webcam issues

I was about to do a video Skype session with some people, but before that I checked the video settings and noticed that my face was all purple and werid coloured! It’s like… Continue reading

Fixing Roland JX-305

27/03/2016 UPDATE I took apart my JX305 to replace the buttons ( as the old ones were a bit non responsive. These new ones are incredibly tactile and are quite stiff, but are… Continue reading

French Riviera Review – Dec/Jan

Nice Over the Christmas, New Year period I traveled to Nice with my brother Andrew. It’s not often I write a review about a city, but what is so special about the 5th… Continue reading

Canon A1 Issues

I had the chance of taking a used Canon A1 on my trip, here are some of the photos. Shots taken with FujiFilm 200 Superia with Hoya Skylight 1B UV Filter. It’s… Continue reading

Thorpe Park Review

Got a free day in September? If it’s a weekday, why not check one of England’s premier theme parks? In this blog post I’ll review the main thrill rides the park has to… Continue reading

Open Source Novation Launchkey Firmware

It’s still under development. But you can download the source here and compile it using a free copy of uVision. It also has Eclipse project files to easy code navigation. My plan is… Continue reading