#4 Depth of Market / Troop Positioning

These two pictures show the same thing but in different formats. I find the non-graphical Depth of Market more fine tuned to positioning your attacks and defenses.



Here you can see the number of attacking commanders (21) and the number of defending commanders (19).

You can also see how many troops each commander has situated in each position.

Volume is the number of troops killed so far today. You can see in his situation that the buying attackers have waaay more troops than the poor old defenders, so you could expect in the meantime the attackers to overwhelm the defenders and gain battlefield position (increase the price)




The graphical DOM is quite interesting and can show the distribution of troops on the battlefield. You can also see where the last kill / skirmish took place.

Again, it is clear to see that the attackers (Green) overwhelm the defenders¬† (Red), so we’d expect the fight to move into defending territory and the attackers will advance and result in a price increase. Conversely if the defenders successfully repel the attackers, the defenders push the attackers back and the price drops in their favor.




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