Hi I’m Adrian Gin, an electronics design engineer!

I’m from New Zealand but have relocated to London, UK. I’m at Focusrite and Novation, an Audio Engineering company as an Electronics Hardware and Firmware engineer.

Follow me through design issues and challenges of our projects!


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Gin
    I read your article on the display of Korg i3 and directions where to find it for replace. Your article is the only in internet that is the subject of breaking the display of i3.
    My problem is that the display is not the same as provided links. If I do have your email address I would send you pictures of the display of the original and replacement begging you if you can give me some guidance in this regard, since you have already been working on the i3.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi Adrian, Iv read your section on Korg i3 Repair and have a similar problem…Iv got a Korg i3 that was suffering from a scratchy master volume slider pot… When moving the slider it produces a scratching noise when moved and then the output from the keyboard totally cuts out 2/3rds from the faders travel..I ordered a replacement and fitted it the other day and im having exactly the same problem..A similar thing happened to an allen & heath dj mixer I had and it turns out it was a bad ground…Sorry I understand that this isnt a “ask me anything” page but im pulling my hair out with this one!….any thoughts would be very appreciated!

    1. Hi Harris,
      Have you had a look at the board for fishy smelling caps? It’s funny that it cuts 2/3rds of the way out. Does this happen on both the LineOut and the Headphone outputs or just on one?

      Can you please put your post in the FIxing Korg I3’s post?



  3. Hi Gin,

    I’m Eldie Monroe a webmaster of 2 Engineering websites and I’m searching for a related and potential website that can be featured. If it is okay for you I would like to feature your website at elitetechn dot me and in sixtysecondtech dot com. Please send me email if you are interested.

    Thank you and looking forward


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