#2 Battle Terminal

Normally we interface with the battlefield through a data uplink. However older maps such as DowJones also support a physical interface. You can actually goto the battlefield in PERSON!

I prefer the electronic uplink since I can work from home and from my PC!

Electronic Battle Terminals for the NZX Map include:

  • ASB Securities
  • DirectBroking
  • CMC Markets

You can also use Telephone Battle Terminals, however these don’t give you much battlefield feedback and you can only move your troops blindly around in this case. Different battle terminals will also charge you at different rates for using their service, I find you can get the best deal with DirectBroking, they have the lowest cost in terms of commissions and charges etc.

I’ll try to show examples from both ASB Sec and DirectBroking Battle Terminals.

Here is a typical Battle Terminal.

The basic screens are:

  • Watchlist / (Battlefield Overview)
  • Place an Order (Buy/Sell) / (Command / Direct Troops)
  • Amend Order (Reposition Troops)
  • View History
  • Research Tab

You should have the watch list as your default screen as it shows you what is happening across the battlefield. Although each battle (security, eg FBU/TEL) is individual in itself, one battle can actually affect the other. In actual fact, one map can affect another map too! Eg a large war in the NASDAQ can influence the wars in the NZX.

Remember, there are only two sides to this war. Buyers and Sellers.

If you’re comfortable with this battle terminal setup, please proceed to the next section!


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