#1 Map Selection

Like all RTS’s, we start with the map.

There are many maps in this world. To name a few you can choose from:

  • North American Theatre
    • NASDAQ
    • DowJones
  • Oceania Theatre
    • ASX
    • NZX
  • East Asian Theatre
    • Nikkei
    • Shanghai
  • European Theatre
    • FTSE

Of course there are many other maps you can choose from. This tutorial will get you up and running with the NZX map. It’s a small map centered in the corner of the world. There isn’t much action here, only small battles are won and lost here, but you can sure make a name for yourself General!

The same ideas that will be discussed can be applied to any market/map. Just note that the technology available and methods to command and control your troops can differ from map to map!

Within each map are multiple simultaneous battles going on at once. eg. the NZX is a map, with Flectcher Building (FBU), Telecom NZ (TEL) each having a small battle within their own right.

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