Battlefield: Stock Market

I’ve tried to explain this concept to many people, and many people have always posed this one question:

Is the Stock Market like Gambling?


How do you make money on the Stock Market?

It’s simple: The Stock Market is a battlefield. It’s a war between the buyers and sellers!

There are:

  • Tanks
  • Snipers
  • Static Defense (Gun emplacements, Turrets, SAM sites etc)
  • Paratroopers
  • “Normal” Marines
  • Re-inforcements
  • Battlefield Tactics (Tactical Retreat, Tactical Push etc)

And many more aspects, very similar to a Real Time Strategy such as C&C or Warcraft.

I’ll be posting up photos of a real battlefield Stock Market and how you can play this game to earn money! It’s cheap, easy and fun!

I’ll also discuss each unit type in general to explain how these can be used to turn the tide of the war!