Civilization 4 Multiplayer, Modding & and Fall From Heaven 2

So a group of our friends wanted to play Fall From Heaven 2 with some modifications.
Limited Units per Tile
Surround and Destroy Mod!

How do we do it? Read below.

If you want to play Civ4 Multiplayer with friends, you first need to open up 2 ports.

I have found that all you need to open up are:

Open up the ports on your router and map it to your computer.
2033 TCP/UDP
2056 TCP/UDP

This will enable Peer to Peer play.

You can also check out this post:

If you’re thinking of doing some modding. I’d recommend getting yourself a good Python editor. I like using Eclipse with the PyDev plugin.

Check out the instructions for installing PyDev here:

You’ll also need to install Python. I’d recommend Python version 2.7.6 available at:

In your eclipse, create a project in the:
“Civ4\Beyond the Sword\Mods\Fall from Heaven 2\Assets” folder.

Fall from Heaven
By default the Combat Log is disabled by default.
You can disable/enable this by editing the PythonCallbackDefines.xml


Set it to 1 to enable it.

Before we get started, it’s a good idea to enable Debugging in the Civilization4.ini file.

\Users\\Documents\My Games\Beyond the Sword\

Visual Studio Programming
Although a lot can be edited in Python, something can’t in this case we need to edit the GameCoreDLL and compile it with Visual Studio. Things like the Surround and Destroy Mod edit this.

Make sure you use the make file!
If you’re using VS2010 or 2008, make sure under C++ Language settings you disable the forced loop scope (Set to No) so that it compiles correctly.


This package is a patch for Fall From Heaven 2 Patch ‘o’.

After playing online with some friends, we thought it’d be cool to do away with Stacks of Doom.

It is basically FFH2 Patch ‘o’ with these two mods added.
[VK]s Plot Capacity 1.3
Dexy’s Surround and Destroy

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