#3 Entering your first Battle!

Now that you’ve chosen your map and your battle terminal. You’re ready to enter the ACTUAL Battle!

How fun!

As mentioned before, each map has parallel set of ongoing battles. Each battle has it’s own set of parameters, including but not limited to:

  • Name of Battle (eg. TEL for Telecom NZ)
  • Current Battlefield Position (Price)
  • Average Daily Kills (Average Daily Volume)
  • Number of Troops for both Attackers and Defenders (Number of Buyers/Sellers)

Let’s focus on one example, TEL.NZX – Telecom of NZ on the NZX.

It’s good to add this battle to your watchlist, otherwise you’ll need to search for it each time you want to view it. To see the TEL battle, type TEL into the Company Search and select TEL.NZX. Some battles are ‘dual-listed’ which means they can appear simultaneously over different MAPS! TEL is on both the NZX and the ASX!

Make sure you choose the right map or you could end up fighting a war in the wrong map!


Once you’ve entered in TEL, select what aspect of the battle you’d like to review. To see the current war, have a look at Depth! Jump to the next section to see an explanation of the Depth Battle Screen.


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