Trading with China

Unless you’re a large company with your own manufacturing capability, you’ll probably going to be sourcing your wares from China! With the advent of sites such as alibaba and made-in-china, dealing and trading… Continue reading

Marketing and Saying Hi To Randoms

Ever been to a gathering only not to know anyone you know? That’s what marketing is like! You have to approach strangers, people you don’t know! You’ll need to firstly get around introductions,… Continue reading

Real Time Processing

Did you know that MIDI (Musical Interface for Digital Instruments) uses the typical Serial Port on a micro? You can interface and make music using pretty much any microprocessor! MIDI is just Serial… Continue reading


Cycled out to tamaki drive this afternoon. You can check out the route here. Endomondo! It’s a great little App which uses your GPS on the phone to track your workout! Great… Continue reading

Working from Home

Working from home definitely has its benefits! One of which is you can get extremely fat, unfit and unhealthy because you just roll out of bed to work. Ugh. But seeing as it’s… Continue reading