Interrupts or Polled?

Embedded electronics often depends on the input from several sources. What’s the best way to obtain the new state of the input? Constantly look and ask for the value? Or tell it to… Continue reading

Digital Inputs

A Four button Digital Input Board Quite often in Electronics we need input from the user. Despite touch screens being the norm, I believe tactile push buttons still have a place in the… Continue reading

So what’s next?

Working from home also means that you need to keep motivated and ignore all distractions! So, what’s next on the list? Well obviously some sort of menu system and user input is needed.… Continue reading

Fixing Korg I3s

I have found that there are many users online which have this wonderful Korg Arranger. I’ve fixed one which had poor display and no sound output. I’ll list what went wrong. #1 Fading… Continue reading

Mackie 1620i Review – Warning!

You may have seen a Mackie 1620i Firewire mixer available from your local music store. Before purchasing this unit I advise you that there is a serious issue with this mixer. It’s so… Continue reading

USB Isochronous Transfers

I’ve recently been doing some work on the STM32F1 ARM chip. In particular I modified one of the ST USB Audio Speaker projects to suit a particular need. Being an ‘audiophile’ I wanted… Continue reading

Harmonic, Melodic Minors Explained

There are three types of Minor Scales, Natural, Harmonic and Melodic. When you’re playing a song in a minor key, if you want to play the associated chords (aka Harmony), you play the… Continue reading

Lowpass and Highpass Filters

Simple RC Highpass and lowpass filters are great! These have applications in all sorts of audio preamps / mixers etc, so there is REAL world application in these! Often we would like to… Continue reading

Headphone Review Bose AE2, Sennheiser PX100-II. With Sony MDR-V500 mod

First of all, happy new year to you all! While I was away on my holiday down in Christchurch with family members, I came across a few pairs of headphones which needed repair.… Continue reading


I have a string of RGB LEDs. With 48 LEDs per metre, and with 5 metres thats a massive 720bytes of RAM. Using DMA, not only can you send these 720 bytes quickly,… Continue reading