Open Source Novation Launchkey Firmware

It’s still under development. But you can download the source here and compile it using a free copy of uVision. It also has Eclipse project files to easy code navigation. My plan is… Continue reading

Raspberry Pi Synth – Yoshimi & ZynAddSubFX – Part 4

Now we can install the awesome Linux Synthesizer Yoshimi which is based on the ZynAddSubFX program. Install Yoshimi using: sudo apt-get install yoshimi Optional, you can use a2jmidid for MIDI routing. sudo apt-get… Continue reading

Raspberry Pi Synth – getting jackd working – Part 3

To get high performance audio out of the Pi, we need a program called jack. It allows programs to route audio between each other and allows access to the audio hardware. Unfortunately the… Continue reading

Raspberry Pi Synth – Remote Access Static IP – Part 2

If you haven’t got your Pi setup, it might be worth having a read of: Accessing the Pi through the TV or HDMI requires you have have a mouse and keyboard plugged… Continue reading

Raspberry Pi Synth – Setting Up – Part 1

Working in the music technology industry, I love to tech around with hardware. The Raspberry Pi should be capable of being used as a synthesizer as it has the CPU power and audio… Continue reading

Reasons to use C++ in Embedded Systems

In the past programs for embedded systems have been written in C. However I think with the increasing power that micro-controllers are delivering, C++ is becoming a more viable programming language. It doesn’t… Continue reading

Copenhagen Jazz Festival

Last weekend (5 July) I had the opportunity to visit Copenhagen with my brother Andrew. It takes about 1 hour 30 mins to fly from London Heathrow. Getting off the plane, you’re hit… Continue reading

Civilization 4 Multiplayer, Modding & and Fall From Heaven 2

So a group of our friends wanted to play Fall From Heaven 2 with some modifications. Limited Units per Tile and Surround and Destroy Mod! How do we do it? Read below. If… Continue reading

Outdoor Madrid – Mountain Biking

If you’re going to Madrid, you probably want a chilled out holiday. Nothing too hot, but enough sun to make it feel like summer. When I first thought about going to Madrid, I… Continue reading

5 Things to do in Zurich (Zürich)

Statistics Population: 400,000 Official Language: Swiss German Time Zone: +1 GMT Currency: Swiss Francs (CHF)  (1CHF = 0.82EUR / 1EUR = 1.21 CHF) Last week during Easter I managed to check out this… Continue reading