Canon A1 Issues

I had the chance of taking a used Canon A1 on my trip, here are some of the photos. Shots taken with FujiFilm 200 Superia with Hoya Skylight 1B UV Filter. It’s… Continue reading

Thorpe Park Review

Got a free day in September? If it’s a weekday, why not check one of England’s premier theme parks? In this blog post I’ll review the main thrill rides the park has to… Continue reading

Open Source Novation Launchkey Firmware

It’s still under development. But you can download the source here and compile it using a free copy of uVision. It also has Eclipse project files to easy code navigation. My plan is… Continue reading

Raspberry Pi Synth – Yoshimi & ZynAddSubFX – Part 4

Now we can install the awesome Linux Synthesizer Yoshimi which is based on the ZynAddSubFX program. Install Yoshimi using: sudo apt-get install yoshimi Optional, you can use a2jmidid for MIDI routing. sudo apt-get… Continue reading

Raspberry Pi Synth – getting jackd working – Part 3

To get high performance audio out of the Pi, we need a program called jack. It allows programs to route audio between each other and allows access to the audio hardware. Unfortunately the… Continue reading

Raspberry Pi Synth – Remote Access Static IP – Part 2

If you haven’t got your Pi setup, it might be worth having a read of: Accessing the Pi through the TV or HDMI requires you have have a mouse and keyboard plugged… Continue reading

Raspberry Pi Synth – Setting Up – Part 1

Working in the music technology industry, I love to tech around with hardware. The Raspberry Pi should be capable of being used as a synthesizer as it has the CPU power and audio… Continue reading

Reasons to use C++ in Embedded Systems

In the past programs for embedded systems have been written in C. However I think with the increasing power that micro-controllers are delivering, C++ is becoming a more viable programming language. It doesn’t… Continue reading

Copenhagen Jazz Festival

Last weekend (5 July) I had the opportunity to visit Copenhagen with my brother Andrew. It takes about 1 hour 30 mins to fly from London Heathrow. Getting off the plane, you’re hit… Continue reading

Civilization 4 Multiplayer, Modding & and Fall From Heaven 2

So a group of our friends wanted to play Fall From Heaven 2 with some modifications. Limited Units per Tile and Surround and Destroy Mod! How do we do it? Read below. If… Continue reading