Fixing Weird Webcam issues

I was about to do a video Skype session with some people, but before that I checked the video settings and noticed that my face was all purple and werid coloured!

It’s like someone has mucked around with the Hues… well instead of opening up the laptop and checking that the ‘yellow’ webcam cable was still intact, try instead going to the NVIDIA control panel and restting the video color settings.

I remember mucking around with them and not seeing any difference but forgetting to restore the defaults button (top right).


It turns out that most HP webcams or webcams in general will go through the YUV -> RGB hardware conversion process.

You can test this theory out by unchecking the Hardware YUV->RGB conversion box in VLC and playing back Webcam via the capture device playback method in VLC.

By using the hardware conversion, it uses the NVIDIA settings, but unticking it will utilise software which by default has the right colour balance.


I hope that saves you some time, and perhaps encourages you not to mess around with those NVIDIA video settings.


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