Canon A1 Issues

I had the chance of taking a used Canon A1 on my trip, here are some of the photos.

Shots taken with FujiFilm 200 Superia with Hoya Skylight 1B UV Filter.


It’s the first time I’ve used this camera and here are some issues.

Firstly, as the user manual says, it’s always a good idea to expose at least 1 roll of film before taking it out in the field for real work. Unfortunately I received this camera the week before I was about to go on the trip, so wasn’t able to do so and hence bumped into a few issues.

Metering circuit issues:
I’ve read that sometimes the metering circuit fails because it thinks the ASA dial is locked at ISO6 or ISO12800. I have noticed even with the Lens cap in place, the metering display reads 1/1000 , f16 – both of which are flashing which means that the metering is definitely waay off.

(Yes, the ASA dial and the exposure compensation were set and there was a new battery installed)

The problem was also intermittent, so sometimes the circuit would work, other times it would not. Even when the metering came out okay on the display, it looks like that it may have lied, because the photos and negatives were completely blank.

Definitely perplexed by this one.

Watch out for this one.

Canon Squeak, Cough, etc:
When I received this camera, it would squeak after releasing the shutter, there are many tutorials on the web on how to fix this. Whatever you do, use a proper lube and not WD-40!

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