Raspberry Pi Synth – Yoshimi & ZynAddSubFX – Part 4

Now we can install the awesome Linux Synthesizer Yoshimi which is based on the ZynAddSubFX program. Install Yoshimi using:

sudo apt-get install yoshimi

Optional, you can use a2jmidid for MIDI routing.
sudo apt-get install a2jmidid

To play the synth, we’ll need a MIDI controller. In this case I’m using a Novation Launchkey 61
Picture of the Pi with the Launchkey MIDI controller.

Once plugged in, it’s a good idea to test that the Raspberry Pi can detect and see the MIDI data coming out of the unit.

$ aseqdump -l
$ aseqdump -p20

and start pressing the keys on the keyboard you should see some output


It’s now time to start up Yoshimi

$ jackd -dalsa -n4 -r44100 -p512 &
$ yoshimi -K -a &

Now we need to connect the Launchkey MIDI output to the Yoshimi MIDI Input

type the following to find out the names and numbers of the MIDI ports

$ aconnect -i
$ aconnect -o
$ aconnect 20:0 129:0


You should now be able to hear sounds coming out of the Yoshimi Synth when you play on the MIDI keys!

This in effect concludes this Yoshimi Raspberry Pi Synth tutorial. Hope you enjoyed it! Let me know how it goes!