Copenhagen Jazz Festival

Last weekend (5 July) I had the opportunity to visit Copenhagen with my brother Andrew.
It takes about 1 hour 30 mins to fly from London Heathrow. Getting off the plane, you’re hit with quite a warm humid air. It’s not unpleasant, but it’s tshirts, shorts and sandals weather. Remember to pack the umbrella though as you can get some summer rain days like we did on Monday.

Copenhagen is situated on the east side of Denmark. It gained a lot of wealth by taxing ships wanting to pass from the North Sea to the Baltic Sea. As such they’re very proud of their currency and although they’re part of the EU, they use the Danish Kroner.

What is there to do?
Jazz Festival!
Every July Copenhagen holds a Jazz Festival and boy is it fun! It is held for 10 days in over 100 venues culminating in around 1200 acts. We’re not big Jazz aficionados, but we felt very ‘sophisticated’ eating, drinking and dining while listening to Jazz.

Not a Jazz fan? No worries there’s other things to do in Copenhagen.

Canals. Christiania. Crazy Carnival. Carlsberg.

Head to Nyhaven (New Harbour) and get on a Canal boat ride, it’s well worth it. Look out for the cheaper trip operator which charges only 40Kr instead of the ‘Official’ 75Kr one despite it being the same tour.

Feelin’ like an Outlaw? Then Christiania is definitely for you. It’s not even mentioned on some of the maps because it’s had a troubled past with the officials. Check it out, it feels like a pirate hideout and has real character to the place. Try a beer and a burger at Nemoland, they also have concerts there from time to time.

Tivoli is an amusement park right in the centre of Copenhagen. Apprently it’s only second to Paris Disneyland. It’s got 4 rollercoasters, lots of those “Tower” drops, well worth a visit. It’s worth spending the day there, and at night is when the action takes place with live performances and shows beginning at 6pm, the park doesn’t close until 11pm and midnight on most nights so you’ll definitely get a taste of the carnival atmosphere.

Carlsberg, the international beer was first brewed here in Copenhagen. If you’re into beers, you can visit the original brewery which is only a 5 minute Metro ride away.

How long should you spend?
We flew in on Saturday morning and flew back on Monday evening, so around 2.5 days in total. We both felt it was enough time to get a taste and feel of Copenhagen.

I was originally planning to visit Legoland, however it is quite far away. It’s a 3 hour bus ride for one way. Alternatively you can fly to Denmark’s second largest airport which is very close to Legoland.

For the lone traveler
In the past I have always made a point to avoid walking tours. They take ages, and seemed really touristy. But having gone on my first one here in Copenhagen, I must say that they’re great for meeting fellow travelers.

At times traveling alone can be a lonely experience, but try your hand at a walking tour and get talking to other like minded travelers!

There are walking tours which start outside the town hall at 11am. Well worth it if you’re traveling alone.

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