ARM Keil Eclipse Setup

Want to program an ARM Cortex M device? What’s a great method?

There are quite a few reference resources out there already, but here is my take on it.

ARM Dev board such as the STM32F4DISCOVERY which has a STM32F427
Keil uVision

You might want to use Keil’s uVision IDE, but I personally find the editor a bit lacking. I also found Eclipse to be a bit flakey at times. It crashes randomly and it’s quite fussy on the Java versions.

This tutorial assumes you’ve already installed uVision.

Step 1: Download Eclipse

Make sure you get the right bit version for your computer. If you’re running Win7 64bit, get the 64bit version.

Step 2: Get Java Runtime Environment
You’ll also need to download the Java version which too matches your OS architecture. 32bit/64bit Linux/MacOSX/Windows

Step 3:
Unzip Eclipse into a directory of your choice and install Java Runtime.

Step 4:
Run eclipse, you’ll want to download two plugins for Eclipse:
RealView ARM Plugin – this installs the ARM Toolchain options
uVision MDK plugin – which allows you to debug and flash the device using the uVision backend.

In eclipse, goto Help->Install New Software

In the update site, enter: update site:

Alternatively click add and enter the address:


This screen should come up. Select the latest version of RVDS.

Step 5:
You can now install the MDK Plugin:
Check out this link here.

You can get the under the eclipse folder of the Keil MDK installation folder.

Step 6:
In Eclipse goto Help->Install New Software
This time goto Add, select Archive and select the

Go ahead and install it.

Step 7:
You’re really done now, your eclipse setup can now handle the uVision dev toolchain. The great thing is, you can add extra configurations such as the gcc and gcc-debug to your eclipse project configurations. You can now develop all your code under the eclipse IDE but use either Keil’s armcc or GNU’s arm-gcc


Happy developing!

7 thoughts on “ARM Keil Eclipse Setup

  1. Hi Adrian, did you face any issue selecting the target device when configuring a “C/C++ Application with uVision Debugger”? I am using Eclipse Kepler and install the Keil Eclipse plugin (MDK v4.72a) and I can open the window by clicking the select button to select the target but when I choose it and click OK it is not selected. I would be interested to know if you face the same issue (hopefully no). Meanwhile I will also upgrade my MDK.

  2. Hi Paul,
    I don’t think it matters what target you have selected. As long as the scatter file (.sct) is there and you have the debugger and programming settings setup up correctly under ‘Target Options’ it should work.

    Hope that helps!


  3. Hi guys,

    I have a problem about eclipse plugin:
    I ‘ve downloaded the latest Keil ARM-MDK (MDK-ARM Version 5.12) and
    it’s folder does not contain Eclipse folder.
    I don’t know what was the reason that Keil why does not provide this plugin
    with this MDK version.

    What do you thing, MDK 5.11 is compatible with that Eclispe plugin, that Adrian used?


    1. Hi guys,

      I’ve got the answer from Keil support team:
      “MDK5 uses a new architecture for structuring and managing project – Run-time Environment. This is not yet covered by the Eclipse plugin we provided for MDK4. Maybe a new plugin will be
      available in the near future since our development team is currently working on it. But I
      cannot provide any schedule for this.”

      More info:


      1. Hi Frank,

        When discussing with Keil support for some issues I had with the Keil Eclipse plugin, I had the feeling that they don’t have much priority on this plugin. So, I’d say don’t expect anything in a near future from Keil. In my case, I ended up using OpenOCD and gdb to bring debugging support into Eclipse and not to have to use uVision anymore. Just Keil toolchain is used within Eclipse to build the project.



  4. Hi,
    It´s been a while that i´m trying to install this plugin.
    I´ve tryed with Eclipse Luna 64 bits, Eclipse Indigo 32 bits ( according to the keil site)
    but notting.
    After is installed the keil plugin the uvision icon is always in gray and the compile tool too.
    Even when I follow the steps to import a project ( it seems to be without problem) the icon is still in gray and I can´t compile the project.
    What I missed?
    I would love if someone can help me ´cz it is driving me crazy.
    My e-mail :

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