Milk Inc!

19 October 2013

First things first: amazing concert. Great light show, great performers and fantastic company (with my brother)

Michael Schack was perfectly on time, Linda was Hot. Regit was great. Filip Vandueren and Peter Scheurs on the keys are awesome performers as ever. John Miles Jnr on the guitar and Rich Knight backing up, fun!

IMG_7315So last week I decided to check out my favourite band’s concert!

I wish they sung Chasing the Wind, or that Nelly Furtado – Broken Strings duet cover! But oh well, the lightshow more than made up for it!




Anyway, enough of the talk about how great and fantastic it was. I’d now like to tell you about their setup!

Why were there 2 drum kits, 14 MIDI controllers, two DJ desks and 2 master keyboard stands? Because the stage was in the middle of the venue, and the crowd was seated all around in a 360 degree fashion, Milk Inc wanted to be sure that they could be seen at all times by everyone attending. There wasn’t a at the back of the crowd, instead the stage was in the middle so they could be seen at all times.

Obviously fans didn’t want to see just Filip Vandueren playing all the time so they had to switch positions between each song. See the picture below for the stage setup. (Note that this photo was taken 2 hours after Milk Inc had gone off, so that’s why there’s not too much of a crowd left for the DJs)


You can see in the picture that each side of the stage had 4 MIDI controllers. These were the Roland A800 Pro MIDI controllers. On two of the sides they had a Jupiter 80.

Regi had a Roland Fantom G6 layered with a Roland SH-01 Gaia on one end, and the other end had a G7 with a Roland SH-201.


You can see that the SH-201’s outputs are routed to the G7’s inputs with the G7’s Output 1+2 going off to a DI below (not shown)

What about the Jupiter 80? By the looks of it, XLR Balanced Outputs 1&2 are connected to a DI below, MIDI Out & Thru going to a Mac on stage (running Mainstage) and an expression pedal with a Hold/sustain pedal connected. It’s a bit strange that Thru is connected but there is nothing connected to the Midi IN port?? Anyone have any ideas why?


There is another Jupiter 80 (the secondary one) on the opposite end of the stage, this one is configured slightly differently. This one has only the hold and expression pedal connected, and the Audio Outputs connected.


The Onstage MacBook Pro is running Mainstage and has a Roland OctaCapture Audio Interface. Though I’m not sure what’s connected to it.



What about all those A800 Pro MIDI Controllers?
They had a MIDI IN/OUT, Sustain and Expression pedals attached. With the MIDI Merge switch looks to be set to ‘ON’
I didn’t take a picture of all of them, they looked like they were all connected in the same way… Perhaps they were all daisy chained and merged…? Hard to say but it could be!


FOH Dude with the SetList. The ‘with App’ ones are where the fans got involved and used the ‘Milk Inc’ app to sync all theirs phones to display a colour / flash their LED light at a certain time. It looked quite cool!



All in all, it was an awesome concert! Great to see real musicians playing real dance music live!

Oh yes, and my friend with a perfect pitch ear happened to transcribe the Milk Inc. Forever MIDI song! Kudos Bomi Kim!
You can download it here with the MIDI file!

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