Headphone Review Bose AE2, Sennheiser PX100-II. With Sony MDR-V500 mod

First of all, happy new year to you all!

While I was away on my holiday down in Christchurch with family members, I came across a few pairs of headphones which needed repair. Headphones typically break where the cable enters the headphones, this is probably because most of the cable stress is where occurring.

After fixing a few pairs, I thought about a pair of headphones at home which needed some repairs too.

I have three pairs of headphones:

Bose AE2, Sennheiser PX100-II and Sony MDR-V500.

All except the Sony have decent sound, but read on and there’s a very simple modification that can be done to the Sony’s to improve the sound quality.

I also renewed the ear pads on the PX100-II. You can get official Sennheiser ones, but you can also use any standard round 40mm or 50mm earphone pads. If your pads are worn down and don’t have any ‘bounce’ consider replacing them. It can make quite a big difference to the sound – it nearly makes them sound like new again!

Bose AE2 vs Sennheiser PX100-II Review

These are two very good headphones. The two have their purposes, AE2 bulkier and closed more than double the price of PX100-II, PX100-II’s open and lightweight and cheap!

Bose AE2

  • Seems to have brighter highs and mids than the Sennheisers
  • Vocals seem to be sharper
  • Bass is well accentuated and not muddy.
  • It feels as if each separate part of the sound spectrum is noticeable, ie. Lows, Mids and Highs are all in their own region and down interfere.
  • Comfortable around ear pads.
  • Closed Headphones

Sennheiser PX100-II

  • The original ear pads which came with the unit were worn down, so I replaced these with some standard 50mm earphone pads. ($1 ea from Alibaba etc)
  • With thinner ear pads, or old worn down ear pads the ears are closer to the speaker driver which results in a larger bass presence.
  • Worn down ear pads changed the sound to be muddy with overpowering & muddy bass.
  • Compared with the AE2s, the Senns give a ‘fuller’ sound. Feels as if the sound spectrum is ‘all-used-up’ as the different sonic sections seem to merge into one.
  • Open Headphones


I think PX100’s are perhaps better for pop, dance and electronic music especially songs which have quite a few instruments in the same sound spectrum.PX100’s good for transport and have great sound.

AE2’s perhaps for orchestral music or classical where it’s really nice to hear each individual pluck and noise from the different instruments. Expensive bulkier so not so great for transport.

If you would like to know more about these headphones, please leave a comment!

Sony MDR-V500 Modification

You’ve probably read all over the net how the V500’s have poor bass reproduction. It’s true, the stock phones are absolutely lifeless when it comes to bass. There is however a very simple mod you yourself can do! First, I recommend you get a pair of replacement V700 headphone pads, you’ll use these on your V500 – they’re compatible. You can get replacement pads off ebay or alibaba something similar. The V700 one’s are compatible and you should get these ones!

After the modification, the sound is very good! It’s similar to the PX100-II’s I reckon… although the vocals do sound a bit ‘radio-ey’… either way, performing this mod costs about $5, and improves the quality so much that you can even start using them again haha!

How to?

First, take off the earpad, it’s quite simple, no tools needed. You’ll see a speaker driver protector (1st image). Rip it off (2nd image). This cover serves to protect the driver, but it’s quite dense and it’s held on with a piece of paper, I believe it’s the main reason why the bass is poor – it covers up half the sound!

Replace the earpad with a V700 pad which has a built in driver protector (3rd image)

IMG_1334 IMG_1333IMG_1335 IMG_1336