Corporate Life

Last night I met up with a friend who works at a large organisation.

There are many advantages working with/for a large, established organisation as opposed to being self employed. Working and networking with those respected in the field, the room for promotion and rewards, learning new things from senior members.

The more we talked the more it sounded like corporate life had become ingrained in his way of thinking. He’s certainly working his way up and he’s doing the right things to make it happen. As with most things in life to succeed here you’ll need:

  • to have the right attitude (doing things the right way, the proper way)
  • You must be hardworking
  • Understand the idea of others and carry it out. (The analogy of being a hitman, you also should clean up the bodies not just leave them in the eye of the public!)
  • be able to follow instructions and processes
  • be seen to take things seriously

At the same time however, there is the cutthroat side of corporate life. If you happen to say the wrong thing or act incompetent in front of seniors or managers, then you’re going to find it really difficult to move up. The loss of respect, the tea-room whispers, the politics, you’ll always be remembered for that ‘screw’ up.

If they’re nice, they won’t ask you to resign, but they’ll just let you wallow around where you are giving you the boring jobs, holding you back until you decide to jump. Yes, I can see your reaction, but it’s true, and it’s the way it works! And it definitely works for the corporation managers too!

I hope he can stick it out for the long term and become very successful at the top!


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