Everyone loses things from time to time.

It’s just part of life, we must come to accept the good things and the not so good things. When it comes to loss, different people deal with it in their own way.

You can decide to dwell on it, or move on. Losing the things dearest to you hurt the most. Is it a sign? Was it inevitable? Is it God / Karma? We ask all these questions to try justify our loss. In my opinion, it’s how you move on that counts.

When we lose, we become emotional. It must be some chemical that the brain produces to make us feel bad and depressed after losing. It’s hard to say why we feel the way we do, or why the natural coping mechanism makes us feel depressed, but the best answer that I can come up with is that it’s supposed to hurt us so we never let it happen again.

We get burnt, we feel the pain. We lose something we feel saddened. Quite often, the things we lose or lose at feel out of our control – or at least we make it sound that way. Perhaps it allows us to make excuses, so we don’t blame ourselves too much – so we don’t beat ourselves up too much!
What ever the reasons, I believe it’s how we move on which counts and matters. If life went perfectly like a fairy tale it wouldn’t be very fun! Just remember, pick yourself up, move on, because life is one big journey where you can only move forward (and not backwards).




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